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About Phytobiophysics

The Institute of Phytobiophysics® was established in 1990 and was affiliated to the Open International University of Complementary medicine in 1992.

The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Mossop Philosophy is a philosophy of vibration; it is essentially an electrical therapy.


Combinations of hundreds of essences of plants, all resonating on a specific frequency, have been specifically formulated to match with particular frequencies of the body’s various organs and systems;  cellular structures, acupuncture meridians, emotions, toxins, and disease taints.  When taken these formulas bring about an electrical rebalancing of the body’s energetic system thereby facilitating our body’s innate ability to heal on a deep level.


By combining thousands of essences, a resonance is created, which is then further amplified, producing VASER-like (Vibrational Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) electrical frequency – thus producing a remedy that is capable of dealing with past historical damage as well as deep degenerative disorders resulting from spiritual and emotional traumas in people’s lives which have manifested on the physical plane.


Single essences are very enlightening and support emotional disharmony – but are not always capable of dealing with either the cause or the manifestation of a trauma on the physical plane.


PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas deal with both the cause and the effect on all planes of consciousness whether Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Physical.


PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® 100 Hedgerow Elementals are practitioner sets of 1ml Mother tinctures in Pure Vodka which can be used to make individual formulas for each patient.


There are 20 PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Flower Formulas which harmonise the spiritual and emotional traumas which may manifest as a physical response. Each formula resonates on a specific nanometre frequency – and 10 PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Superfit Tree Formulas – which work on the Spiritual level which may manifest as deep trauma on the physical plane.  The flowers and trees used to make the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas are often rare – and their healing qualities have not been previously investigated or used in other essences.  They include essences created from some of the world’s oldest living plants and trees which have been collected from many of the remotest countries on the planet such as Tibet, Peru, the Andes, the Himalayas, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Trinidad etc and combined with the most humble little flowers from the hedgerows or pathways of one’s own garden.


PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®  products are formulated into sucrose pills – which are coated in the tinctures made from specific combinations of hundreds or thousands of flower and tree essences. Professor Mossop does not believe that liquid essences are stable enough to retain the high level of amplification which is created in order to harmonise profound, healing on a deep level.  This is why PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas – use a “solid sucrose mandala” which is sucked by the patient –enabling the “electrical charge” to penetrate deep into the body’s cellular system.  Each formula vibrates on a particular frequency [registered in nanometres] to correspond with a particular energy system or organ of the body.





The Importance of treating Viruses.


Modern medicine relies greatly on the use of pharmaceutical products, which have been developed to treat symptoms and bacterial infections.  Pharmaceuticals have not been successful in the treatment of viruses.  This is because unlike bacteria, viruses are electrical in nature – they interfere with the electrical field forces of the body.  One of the most exciting aspects of vibrational medicine, such as the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas, is their remarkable capacity to deal with viruses.


The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®  Formulas rebalance the electrical field forces which have been damaged by the virus – thereby mending the circuitry of the body’s meridians; returning the blueprint of the cell back to normal, restructuring the cellular matrix, restoring balance and thereby allowing the innate ability of the body to heal itself on a profound level.


We call it “acupuncture in a bottle”.  Like acupuncture, PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas restore faulty meridians by bringing them back to normality.  Whilst restoring meridian balance is certainly profoundly powerful, it is by no means the only system incorporated into the PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Mossop Philosophy system.


The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®  Mossop Philosophy also embraces the endocrine system, chakra system, metabolism etc.




Is Phytobiophysics® The Mossop Philosophy Homeopathy?

No.  Homeopathy is a stimulating therapy of “like curing like”.  A toxic substance is diluted from six to hundreds of times, and administered to a patient to create a negative effect, thereby stimulating the body’s healing mechanism.   Homeopathy was invented some 300 years ago by Hahnemann – and was ideally suited to the health challenges of the day.  However, bacteria and viruses have mutated and developed to an alarming degree and homeopathy, a stimulating therapy, is enhanced by supporting the immune system with Flower Essences.


The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas use the LIVING light vibration of plants – captured as a memory in water, then amplified (as opposed to homeopathy that dilutes).  Each formula combines thousands of plant essences vibrating together to produce a specific frequency i.e.: like an orchestra with one million instruments all playing the same note.  We then turn up the volume (amplify) which enables the energy to penetrate deeper into the cell by amplifying the vibrational charge of the living essences.  The secret is the capturing of the LIVING LIGHT essence of the plant.


The PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®  Formulas use the LIGHT /COLOUR living energy of plants to restore balance and harmony to the body.  The formulas do not stimulate.  Instead, they restore the body’s innate harmony - from abnormal to normal - by balancing the body’s electrical systems.


The formulas work in a similar way to switching on a light switch.  The practitioner looks for the electrical fault and then corrects it.  The Phytobiophysics® Mossop Philosophy is energetic therapy in its most pure form.










Do patients experience “healing crises” when being treated by PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas?

The Body will produce physical symptoms when it is diseased or imbalanced, but it also produces symptoms when it heals. PHYTOBIOPHYSICS®  Formulas help the body work harder to restore balance and as a result, whilst the systems are clearing, there may be extra mucous, fever, itching or slight discomfort.  However, these symptoms create a feeling of relief, rather than distress.  Most patients report an overwhelming feeling of wellbeing from the moment they commence treatment with PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Formulas


Stages of Production of PHYTOBIOPHYSICS® Flower Formulas:


1)    Collection of the living essence of the flower/trees – samples are collected as close to the time of the full moon – or at the time of the full moon.  The samples are placed in pure water and left in the sun – the memory of the water captures the vibrational essence of the flower.


2)    Verification – there is a particular spiritual skill involved in capturing the living energy of the plant – to retain its innate vibration.


3)    Recognition – we ensure we have collected the right species and that the energy is still living.


4)    Assessment – of the vibrational colour level of the frequency and the corresponding energy and organ systems of the body.   Vol techniques are used for this.


5)    Matching of frequencies to cell structure – We use a Galvanometer (a modified Vol-meter) to test the formulas on various meridian points of the body - matching these frequencies with periodic charts, vitamin and nutritional information, etc


6)    VASER amplification – a patented process to amplify the captured energies.


7)    Impregnation and preparation of sucrose pills at the Helios laboratories in Tunbridge Wells, UK.

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