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HF10 Nicotiana breathe of life is a very important formula to enable one to forgive the people who have hurt you. forgiveness is very hard when people have been cruel. Rejection and cruelty are very destructive and often impact on one's breathing.


  • Other common names flowering tobacco

  • SynonymsNicotiana sylvestris 'Only the Lonely'

  • Family Solanaceae

  • GenusNicotiana can be annuals, biennials, perennials or shrubs, with simple, alternate leaves and tubular or salver-shaped, often fragrant flowers borne in racemes or panicles in summer or autumn

  • DetailsN. sylvestris is a branching, upright biennial to 1.5m, with a basal rosette of elliptic dark green leaves to 30cm in length, and a compact panicle of sweetly fragrant, salver-shaped white flowers to 9cm in length in summer 



HF10 Nicotiana 'BREATH OF LIFE'

Color: green

    Green is a vital colour for enhancing the immune system but above all green is the colour of love. The Nicotiana person is vibrant, active and sporty with a great love of life, fresh air and freedom.

    Nicotiana is valuable to ease the hurt of rejection and betrayal by loved ones. This pain often leads to loss of self worth and a need to smoke. Bitterness and an inability to forgive leads to difficulties with breathing and lays one open to breakdown of the immune system.

    Nicotiana is a powerful plant which has the capacity to restore peace of mind, a sense of love and forgiveness and recovery from the hurt. It increases self worth and promotes a forgiving nature which then enables one to recover.

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