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Arum Lily supports the loving couple who long for a child.


Arum Lily Zantedeschia species are rhizomatous herbaceousperennial plants with some species (Zantedeschia aethiopica) growing to 1.2m tall, while Zantedeschia rehmannii does not exceed 60 cm in height, growing in clumps or clusters.[6][7]
Roots: Contractile, emerging from the top of the tubers in Group II.[6]
Stem: The underground portion is variously described as a thick underground stem (rhizomes or tubers).[8][9][10] While the literature is confusing as to the exact terminology, generally the Zantedeschia aethiopica-Zantedeschia odorata group (Group I) is referred to as having rhizomes, and the remaining species tubers.[6] The rhizomes are fleshy and branched.[11]

HF17 Arum Lily 'Fertil'

Color: orange
  • Home Formula 17  Arum Lily  'Fertil'

    The Arum Lily symbolizes marriage, partnership and fertility.  Likewise, Arum Lily Essence is designed for loving couples who wish to achieve the next level in their relationship; one of faithfulness, commitment and working together.  It also works to soothe the desperation of longing for children due to infertility or other issues in this manner.

    Arum Lily Essence can also help bolster one’s inner confidence and determination when dealing with problems conceiving or male infertility.   

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