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Powerful Master formula for the support of war, tragedy, shock and spiritual trauma. A rescue formula for whenever suffering on a deeply spiritual level due to accident, shocking circumstances, death sentence, and virus.


Oak and Silver Birch

The solid beautiful Oak tree has provided essences of astonishing power that support the heart and the seat of all emtion. Oak vibrates on the frequency of white light the rainbow colour spectrum and Green 

Silver birch is probably one of the most spiritual healing trees that exists and vibrates on the frequency of silver energy 111.



HP1 Peak Vitality

Color: White
  • Since the Heart Power Formulas are extremely powerful it is strongly advised that you only take one Heart Power Formula at a time. 


    PhytobHeartPower HP1 Peak Vitality This important formula which deals with shock, war and tragedy is supportive on a deep soul level. Loss of Faith and Belief and utter despair. crashed immune system or post-traumatic stress. whatever the circumstances this First Aid formula is a life saver.

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