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HP2 Spiritual Calm is the constitutional formula for the upper Right quadrant of the body- the Tri-Cusped Constitution of Fatherhood. This powerful Violet and yellow formula is supportive of the whole of our lives and all our male relationships.


Eucalyptus, Camellia and Magnolia

These beautiful trees vibrate on the frequency of Violet and Ultra Violet light. The highrest vibrations of  sunlight and sunshine. These powerful daylight energies support the brain, thoughts and intellect and power.

Powerful hormones that control our lives such as P Factor, Serotonin and encephalin are stimulated by sunlight. 

HP2 Spiritual Calm

Color: Pink
  • Since the Heart Power Formulas are extremely powerful it is strongly advised that you only take one Heart Power Formula at a time. 


    PhytobHeartPower HP2 Spiritual Calm

    The Right Atrium / Tri-Cuspid Constitution

    Nobility      Honour        Respect

    The right auricle constitution is the leader. Fine, compassionate, strong, noble, fair, straightforward and very honourable. They are powerful, heroic and responsible.

    The right auricle constitution often chooses a profession of leadership. They are intelligent, intuitive, thoughtful and have a fine sense of humour. The right auricle male is a leader, a hero, upright, strong and fine with a proud and dignified bearing. If male the right auricle constitution is strong and upright with strong bones and very muscular generally he chooses a profession of leadership. If female, tall and elegant, well structured, wide shouldered with lean hips and long legs. The right auricle woman is a powerful woman who walks with confidence and commands great respect.

    The right auricle child will always be the leader.

    Damage will block the Tri-Cuspid Valve and create negativity. Negativity will manifest emotionally or physically.

    The Negative Right Atrium / Tri-Cuspid Constitution


    When the tricuspid valve is blocked negativity ensues and the right auricle constitution may betray their responsibilities. They may become abusive and intimidating, materialistic, vindictive, and destructive.

    The negative Right Auricle Constitution may be imperious, cruel and sadistic.

    The negative Right Auricle Constitution abuses their power and betrays their loved ones. They are angry and bad tempered, aggressive, mean and disloyal. Using their power to control others they are despots, tyrants and foe.

    Because the tricuspid constitution is the finest of all constitutions they have the furthest to fall when they are hurt. If they manifest their grief physically they become structurally weak.

    The right auricle constitution is strong and structural so when negativity occurs the disease taints associated with this chamber will affect the RNA, the brain, the structure, the Central Nervous System, the spine. Disorders will be very serious, operations wounds and accidents, Parkinson’s, Motor neurons, epilepsy, spina-bifida, mongolism, congenital disorders, heart attack, paralysis, Migraine, headache, osteoarthritis and all diseases associated with the liver and hepatic function, serious kidney disorders and diabetes.

    Spiritual trauma will manifest in the left brain and pons varoli, spinal cord and central nervous system.

     Emotional trauma will manifest in the sphenoid sinus, the optic nerve, right eye and the heart.

    Mental trauma will manifest in the liver, stomach pancreas duodenum and all hepatic function.

    Physical Trauma will manifest in the right kidney, the pancreas, the hepatic flexure of the colon and the right arm.

    X Cranial Nerve affected: The Vagus nerve.

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