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Mitral Constitution: The Emotional Journey. Upper left quadrant: Motherhood/Maturity/Wife. Functional ANS, Immune System, Heart meridian. Essences of Redwood, Rose, Orchid, Rosemary and Hawthorn. Vibrates on the colour frequencies of Indigo Blue.


The Redwood tree is the tallest tree in the world and is one of the main tree essences in HeartPower 4 - Emotional Imun-T. It vibrates on the powerful frequency of blue. 



HP4 Emotional Imun.T

Color: Navy
  • Since the Heart Power Formulas are extremely powerful it is strongly advised that you only take one Heart Power Formula at a time. 


    PhytobHeartPower HP4 Emotional Imun T

    The Mitral Constitution,      The Left Atrium/Auricle       

    Creativity,  Loving,   Giving,   Nurturing,  Caring.

    The Mitral constitution, if female, is full figured, curvaceous, voluptuous, secure and sensual. She is nurturing, loving and giving and full of generosity and beauty. Mother earth, warm and bountiful. Often very gifted and creative, swayed by emotion and inspired by the senses. Procreative, fertile, bonding and reliable.

    If male, the Mitral constitution is sturdy, stocky, protective and gentle, encompassing, dependable and loving. The left auricle male is practical and capable, efficient and often artistic. The left auricle Mitral constitution is full of hope and inspiration and loves to make things. They are nest builders and homemakers.

    The positive Mitral left auricle person loves to touch and embrace their friends. They are warm-natured, open-hearted, affectionate, loving and giving. Safe and dependable, joyful and happy, they are full of laughter. The Mitral people are builders and creators, often choosing a creative profession such as in housing, builders, gardeners, architects, cooks, artists and counsellors. These are the homestead people to whom one can turn in times of need. This constitution is earthed and homely and does not like to travel. If they do travel, they love coming home. They like to put down roots, grow trees and organise committees.

    The Negative Mitral Constitution

    Destructive,   Emotional,    Martyrdom,   Nagger.

    When the Mitral valve is blocked negativity ensues and this constitution becomes a martyr. They give in order to receive but cannot receive and so become angry and suffer as a result of self-denial. They often cloak their own needs by being interfering, controlling or over generous; “All I have I give to you because I am not worthy”.

    The negative Mitral Constitution is greedy, needy, self-indulgent and will adopt eating habits which are self-destructive. They may suffer with greed and are frequently slightly overweight. Neglectful of themselves, they often conceal their pain by being the wise counsellor who takes on the problems of total strangers whilst neglecting their own loved ones.

    They are the wise counsellors but never relate the problems of the person they are advising to themselves. They often take on the hurt of their loved ones and find it hard to forget or forgive. Neglectful of their own traumas, they nurture long forgotten, negative memories of the past and will continue to refer to them long after the person concerned has forgiven and forgotten.

    The negative Mitral Constitution is grief struck, lonely, frustrated, tormented by unhappiness, emotional, tearful and depressed.

    They place people on a pedestal and then feel let down when the person cannot live up to their expectations. They use emotional blackmail to control others and often control with martyrdom; “Poor little me, no-one cares about me”.

    The bully, hypocrite and blackmailer, this person is a nagger and an interrogator. Spiritually bereft, the negative Mitral Constitution smothers and suffocates their love ones. They have no boundaries and they invade other people’s privacy. They are needy, frustrated and dissatisfied.

    Like a sponge, the blocked Mitral valve person absorbs negativity and suffers with hypo-function and weight problems, need, greed and bulimia. They also suffer with lethargy, acidity and heartburn. All conditions associated with hypo-function and thyroid imbalances. Thyroid malfunction, tri-iodithyronine and thyroxin deficiency, digestive disorders and temperature regulation disorders. Chest, breast and left arm disorders, mastitis and benign breast tumours.

    Cholesterol and gallbladder disorders such as cholecystitis.

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