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Abundance package / 豐盛套餐

  • 30 min
  • $888
  • TBC

Service Description

Below 2 items including into service fee: 1. Find out the rock of abundance by muscle test 2. A bottle of personalized flower essences for 2 weeks Extra setting by quotation 1. Feng Shui setting at home/office 2. A gold card for personal career boosting 3. Phytobiophysics heart lock solution to improve the abundance level 豐盛運程- 身心靈改善方法 以下2項,包括的服務: 1. 通過肌力測試找出豐盛的障礙 2. 一瓶2週份量的個人化花精 額外設置(按報價): 1. 在家裡/辦公室的風水設置 2. 隨身能量金卡, 提升個人事業發展 3. 花卉生物能量學, 透過心鎖測試提升豐盛的程度 預約:

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